An example of a user flow diagram. The different touchpoints on the user journey are signified by coloured rectangles, which are connected by arrows.

Where Am I? Helping Users To Find Their Way

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Your homepage is the gateway to the rest of your website. It gives users the first glimpse of what you have to offer, and creates the first impression of your business. That’s why homepage analysis is a vital part of any heuristic evaluation process. As we have mentioned in a previous blog post, users will often make up […]

The Calvin Klein website home page. There are two side by side images of a man and a woman modelling the products. At the top of the page there is a navigation and search bar, and in the middle of the page are two buttons labelled “shop women” and “shop men”.

White Space is a Powerful Design Element

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When designing a website, it can be tempting to cram in lots of information, elements and visuals. After all, your business has lots to offer and you have lots to say. It may seem sensible to make sure your users can see everything together in one place. After all, the content might be useful for […]

Heurix screen shot

What Can Heuristic Website Evaluation Do For Me?

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Boost your UX and ROI with heuristic website evaluation When designing and building a user interface on a website or any other digital product, it’s crucial to consider user experience as well as aesthetics. Users want intuitive, consistent interfaces that make it easy for them to achieve their goals. A positive experience can increase user […]

Keatons real estate agency home page

Creating the Right First Impression

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A great first impression and value proposition on your website can help you to reach your business goals. Find out how Heurix can help you with your design audit.