Complete your UX audit and create heuristic evaluation reports in a flash

Heurix is a heuristic analysis tool that allows UX designers, marketers, and even business owners to conduct a UX audit of their website. You’ll receive a full report at the end, and best of all, you don’t even need to be a UX professional to complete your audit.

How it works

Create a new project

Whether a website or mobile experience, ecommerce, SAAS or any other type of user interface design, our heuristic evaluation questions will guide you through a full UX review

Grade the experience

Add notes and screenshots to your evaluation so you don’t forget where and how to make improvements.

Get your report

Get your scores for each section of the evaluation, clearly formatted in a handy PDF, ready to share with your client or team.

Measure the Impact

After implementing your website improvements, come back to grade your site again and measure the progress you’ve made.

Why should you use Heurix?

Ask The Right Questions

We bring together the essential heuristics for your website evaluation, based on well-known usability expert benchmarks including the Nielsen Norman group heuristics. Our simple questions, rating scale, and examples cover all the main elements needed to give users a great digital experience, including:

  • Aesthetic and minimalist design
  • Ensuring your content is expressed in plain language
  • Error prevention and helping users recognize, diagnose and recover from their mistakes
  • Creating a match between the system and the real world
  • Visibility of system status

Share Your Insights

Add your insights and recommendations via notes and screenshots.

Save Time

Automatically produce reports with scores based on your ratings, so you can spend your time where it really adds value.

Get Better Results

With more user control and freedom comes greater user satisfaction, which can lead to higher ROI for your business.

Who is Heurix for?

UX, Design & CRO Teams

Conduct standardised heuristic analysis to aid your design process. Add commentary through notes and screenshots. Easily produce reports to share your findings.


Impress prospective clients by sharing your UX evaluation report. Re-evaluate user experiences after you've completed your work to show quantifiable improvements.

Website Owners & Digital Teams

You don’t need to be a usability expert to use Heurix. Be guided through a UX evaluation and get a report on which areas you need to improve for your customers.


If you’re a UX or interaction design student, or if you need to conduct a website audit or user test for a school, college or university project, Heurix will help you through the whole process and aid your learning about important website heuristics.

Marketing teams

Identify and improve problem areas of your website to turn marketing leads into sales and reach your business goals.

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