Uncover UX issues and create reports in a flash.

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How it works

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Create a New Project

Whether a website or mobile experience, ecommerce, SAAS or otherwise, our evaluation questions will guide you through a full UX review.

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Grade the experience

Add notes and screenshots to your evaluation to add specific details on what and where to make improvements.

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Get your report

Get your scores for each section of the evaluation in a handy PDF ready to share with your client or team.

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Time Saving

Let your expertise shine through by adding your insights and recommendation via notes and screenshots. Automatically produce reports with scores based on your ratings, so you can spend your time where it really adds value.

Made for teams

Invite team members with different skill sets to evaluate an experience and get your scores aggregated. See where opinions differ and get more ideas on how to fix poorly preforming areas.

Evaluation criteria

We reviewed 100s of elements said to improve websites, and produced one set to rival them all. Simple to understand questions, rating scale, and examples, covering all the main things needed to produce a great digital experience.

Who is Heurix for?

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UX, Design & CRO Teams

Conduct standardised heuristic evaluations, add you expertises through notes and screenshots. Easily produce reports to share your findings.

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Digital Agencies

Impress prospects by sharing your UX evaluation report. Re-evaluate experiences after you've completed your work to show quantifiable improvements.

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Website Owners

Be guided through a UX evaluation and get a report on which areas you need to improve for your customers.

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