What Can Heuristic Website Evaluation Do For Me?

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Boost your UX and ROI with heuristic website evaluation

When designing and building a user interface on a website or any other digital product, it’s crucial to consider user experience as well as aesthetics.

Users want intuitive, consistent interfaces that make it easy for them to achieve their goals. A positive experience can increase user satisfaction and loyalty. As a result, you’re likely to see an improvement in conversion rates.

Good usability has the potential to provide a huge return on investment. The Nielsen Norman Group analysed 42 cases of website redesigns with available usability metrics in terms of sales/conversion rates, traffic, user performance, and use of specific target features.

They found that usability increased by an average of 135%, excluding five outliers with exceptionally large usability improvements. (When they included the outliers, the average improvement jumped to 202%.) To sum up, they found that paying attention to usability can bring real, tangible returns for your business.

The NN Group estimated that spending about 10% of a project’s budget on usability activities can double the usability of the product.

There are many potential methods to measure and improve usability, and heuristic evaluation is one of the most useful. When you review your product, you can judge whether it meets the standards your users need and expect. If you want to maximise your ROI from usability testing, it’s a good idea to perform a heuristic evaluation first.

But what exactly does this involve?

How can Heurix help you?

Heurix is a unique, free heuristic evaluation tool. It empowers you to complete your heuristic evaluation and create detailed reports swiftly and easily. When you log in to use the tool, you will move step-by-step through a set of questions. Each one is based on important usability heuristics, enabling you to complete a thorough and effective heuristic evaluation of your site.

Heurix covers many important aspects of user experience, including:

  • First impressions
  • Site navigation
  • Information
  • Trust and persuasion
  • Interaction
  • Forms

Heurix allows you to include notes and screenshots, so you can keep track of your thoughts and ideas as you and your fellow evaluators work your way through the questions. Once the assessment is done, there’s no need to calculate your heuristic score – Heurix does it all for you, presenting the findings in a convenient report. You can then share your findings easily with your team and pinpoint what you need to do to optimise the usability of your product.

A completed Heurix website evaluation report showing good areas and areas to improve, with an overall percentage score.
Your detailed report will highlight which areas are offering good usability, and which areas you could investigate further to make improvements.

The analysis can be done on any kind of user interface. Whether it’s an early sketch, a wireframe, or a high-fidelity finished design, heuristic evaluation can give you valuable insights and action points.

You can use Heurix in conjunction with any other UX design and research method. The analysis can be used to inform your team’s work at every stage of the design process.

Start your UX audit now

Paying attention to UX design in your website evaluation can lead to a big return for your business. Whatever your product, whoever your target audience may be, UX heuristics are a useful tool. They provide valuable rules of thumb to help you create high quality interfaces with brilliant usability.

Whether you’re a student, website owner, or part of a UX or design team, Heurix can make your website evaluation process simple. In short, Heurix will help you to create outstanding user experiences.